Christopher Bub – Criminal Defense & DWI Attorney

Christopher Bub

Christopher Bub is passionate about protecting people’s freedom. He founded Bub Defense to devote his career solely to that purpose.

Christopher has defended hundreds of people against a variety of charges, including drunk driving, drug dealing, sexual assault, and homicide.

Christopher combines his unique background in criminal defense, complex litigation, and engineering to provide high level legal representation to people accused of crimes.

At Bub Defense, the focus is on you. On your rights. Your freedom. Your future. Your life.

Violent Crimes

Christopher Bub has defended against an array violent crime charges, including intentional homicide, sexual assault, strangulation, reckless endangerment, and substantial battery.

Drunk Driving

Every year police arrest tens of thousands in Minnesota and Wisconsin for drunk driving. But despite the frequency of these arrests, drunk driving cases remain complicated cases with a litany of legal and scientific issues. For instance, did police have authority to stop your car in the first place? Did police have authority to ask for a breath test? Did the government’s laboratory determine your blood alcohol content in a scientifically reliable way?

Christopher Bub defends against drunk driving charges routinely. He understands the legal and scientific issues in these cases, and he knows how to defend against these charges.

Property Crimes

Christopher Bub has significant experience defending against property crime charges, such as arson, burglary, fraud, criminal damage to property, forgery, theft, identity theft, criminal trespass and motor vehicle theft.

Drug Crimes

All drug convictions carry consequences, whether the conviction is for drug distribution or possession only. Not only can drug convictions result in fines and imprisonment, but they carry other lesser-known consequences as well. Students, for instance, can lose their financial aid. Non-citizens could face deportation. And all persons convicted of drug crimes will likely face increased difficulty finding jobs.

Christopher has significant experience defending against drug charges. Drug cases often involve questions of whether police violated your constitutional rights during the investigation. Christopher has successfully defended against drug crimes by asserting the police violated his clients’ rights. Christopher also served for two years on a drug treatment court team. Because of that, he is familiar with the treatment options that can address underlying causes and help resolve cases.